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High-efficiency, eco-friendly boiler


High-efficiency, eco-friendly boiler specialized company

We are honest boiler manufacturing specialized company made by honest people.

Thank you for visiting Taehyeon Energy Corp. homepage that thinks of people and the environment.
We are a development specialized company that manufactures alternative energy such as smokeless incinerator, smokeless firewood boiler, smokeless firewood fan heater, etc. based on the specialized original technology that completed technology evaluation and patent registration by successfully developing an eco-friendly incinerator after 18 years of research development.
We board members of the TaeHyeon Energy Crop. Promise to not settle with the reality and accelerate to create a better company value and strive until we stand as the greatest alternative energy specialized company from the entire country and to become a company trusted from the perspective of the customers at all time.

TaeHyeon Energy Corp

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