High-efficiency, eco-friendly boiler

lumber,pellet,woodchip burner (TH-1004)

  • You can reduce the maintenance cost in half by combining the 2t~10t overhead fire tube boiler that’s being used in the establishment with the burner using lumber, pellet, woodchip as fuel.
  • The pyroligneous liquor itself is ignited where the black pyroligneous liquor doesn’t exist in the latter part, and there is almost no residue left as it is completely incinerated in a high temperature of 800~1200°C atelier.
  • Incineration fuel : lumber, pellet, woodchip and wood-burner
  • Boiler capacity: 2t~10t manufacture possible

Division Model Specification Used pressure(kg) Type Fuel(combined type)
Combustion Furnace TH-1004 2ton ~ 10ton Forced draught method lumber, pellet, woodchip, Uses waste wood

Applied establishment

  • All sorts of establishment(overhead fire tube boiler)

  • PHC PILE Factory

  • Concrete drying rack

  • Concrete brick factory

  • Sauna

  • Food waste drying rack

  • Candle factory

  • Laundry factory

  • Chili drying rack

  • Farmhouse

  • Farm, fishery

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